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Resources, software & apps – what should I be looking for? Teacher Q&A

As you are probably aware, free educational apps often contain in-app advertising or will invite you to upgrade and pay for premium versions while you’re using the app. The only way to avoid it is to purchase premium apps from your preferred app store and make allowances for this in your school budget. Teaching resources…

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Collaborative STEM education and careers exploration

If you are an educator or parent of a school-age child, you probably have heard of STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A goal of STEM instruction is to provide students with access to the skills and experiences they will need to prepare for careers and lifestyles of the future, even if…

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New Apps For Grades 1 – 7 based on Common Core State Standards

We’ve partnered up with US app developer, Kevin Bradford to offer a selection of apps in the Cleverstore for grades 1 through 7. Kevin Bradford specializes in creating rich and engaging experiences while providing an opportunity to learn.  Also now available on the Cleverstore is Kevin Bradford’s popular Bingo for Kids, a fun and interactive bingo game…

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