Snowflake MultiTeach

Most children have very short attention spans. This k-12/EYFS – HE touchscreen software addresses that problem, by making education more fun, engaging and memorable, resulting in exciting interactive classrooms experiences that increase the performance of pupils and teachers.

In addition to the 25+ off the shelf apps with pre-set content, busy teachers can easily and quickly create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content, using the Lesson app.

All game and activity applications are designed to improve both communication and social skills. As kids share ideas and collaborate together, the software helps build their confidence and develops their knowledge of different subjects, such as spelling, grammar, maths, geography, biology and others.1


  • Improve educational outcomes (for pupils, teachers and the school)
  • Teachers can engage better with pupils
  • Ease of use (fast and easy content adding)
  • Suitable for multiple subjects
  • Suitable for varying age groups covering the entire primary education spectrum
  • Teach content in different ways
  • Effective pedagogy

Key features

  • Zones (true multi-user collaboration)
  • Auto saving Lessons
  • Animated themes
  • Create custom lessons with dynamic content (images, videos, sounds, text)
  • Snowflake Remote support (iOS and Android)
  • Support to change text into any language
  • Configurator
  • Email, Skype and Forum support
  • Supports Windows 10


Note: With selected Clevertouch screens you receive a license to activate either Snowflake MultiTeach or Snowflake Business. To activate both you will need to purchase an additional license.