DisplayNote collaboration software allows teachers and presenters to share lessons and presentations from their Clevertouch, directly with their class.  Presenters can choose to teach from their front-of-class interactive touchscreen or walk around the room using the free app that controls content.  Participants can connect using the application on their iOS, Android or computer and can instantly save slides, make notes or be invited to contribute and collaborate in a live session.


  • Start a DisplayNote session from your computer, Clevertouch or device and share any content, background or app from an iOS screen via the DisplayNote Mirror feature
  • Whatever you see is shared directly with participants who can capture slides and add their own notes to take away with them
  • View and share the screens of connected participants or invite them to collaborate on your content
  • Allow everyone to save your content and notes for review later


  • Connects over WiFi or Cloud
  • No need to reformat existing content
  • View and share participant devices from your display or device
  • Send messages directly to your group
  • Monitor participant activity with Participant Manager tool
  • Supports iOS AirPlay