Clevertouch is pleased to announce the addition of Snowflake to its Clever software suite, enabling the user to download the Snowflake version of their choice.

  • Snowflake MultiTeach – a fun educational suite for the younger minds. All game and activity applications are designed to improve both communication and social skills. As children within the classroom share ideas and collaborate together, the software helps build their confidence and helps to develop their knowledge on different subjects, such as spelling, grammar, maths, geography, biology and others. Snowflake MultiTeach can be used in primary schools and early learning situations, as well as within secondary schools.
  • Snowflake Business – a comprehensive selection of multitouch business tools, which helps companies to gain a competitive edge, when presenting their business and products. Share information and collaborate with peers in a more engaging and efficient fashion. Snowflake Business is used in boardrooms, conference rooms as well as in presentation scenWebMultitieach_logoarios.