We are very pleased to announce the release of Lynx 5.2.56 today. This release fixes the last known crashes within Lynx, specifically within the Undo/Redo and also a rare case when erasing.

The benefits are:

  • Reduced the memory requirements,
  • The ability to turn off the angle of degrees display,
  • More display options for the on-screen date and time,
  • Network connectivity warnings (for when we cannot show the news or get updates),
  • New ‘In Page’ curtain and spotlight (with touch through toggle),

The update can be downloaded from:


The Lynx Launcher is the fastest and safest way to get or update Lynx. It now checks for updates every time it is run rather than every two weeks making sure you have the latest and greatest version.


In other news, looking ahead to the summer, Lynx will be getting:

  • A new Web Search, which will ensure you get high quality images and videos across all platforms,
  • Lynx will be on the Apple iPhones and iPads,
  • In app feedback, so users can directly report back any bugs or instability issues.