We’re teaming up with Lynx to give you a fantastic freebie with your next Clevertouch purchase. Between now and the end of August, if you buy four Plus Series screens then you will receive a free upgrade of your Lynx software to a full site licence.

Lynx software comes with every Clevertouch, but for the first time you can now get the Lynx site licence included, no matter what size your school is. That means you can put Lynx on every interactive whiteboard or computer in the school, so even if you aren’t upgrading the tech in every classroom, all your teaching staff can get on board with the latest that Lynx has to offer. As well as being able to convert old Smart Notebook, iwb, or cff files, Lynx is so much more than a traditional lesson presentation software. It is designed for touchscreens, simple to use, packed full of tools and features that educators use in everyday teaching. A full Lynx Site Licence costs upwards of £7,000 for the largest secondary schools, so this bundle offers huge savings.

If you are planning to upgrade your classroom tech this summer then now is the time to get Clevertouch. Contact the team now on 020 8319 7777 or email us for more info.

UK only. T&C apply. Delivery of four units to one location before August 31 2017.