DisplayNote 2.1 Now Supports iOS AirPlay
DisplayNote 2.1 offers the same collaborative features as always – you can share your presentations and any content live from your display to classroom devices, select students to collaborate with and have them mark up your work for everyone to see. You can even control the lesson from anywhere in the room using the free DisplayNote app on your iOS, Android or Windows Surface Pro.

The latest features however allow you to take this not one, but many steps further. Here are 3 easy tips on how to make best use of them…

1. View 16 Student Devices On Your Clevertouch
We know you have a lot of lesson resources built up and we want you to be able to continue to use them. Why not open a worksheet or web-based activity and have your group work on it on their own devices? Open the Participant Manager screen and select the devices you wish to view the screen of. If you are using the app as a presenter you can view these privately on your device, before sending to the display. Click any student screen that you want to maximise and have them present their answers to the class.

2. View Any App on Your Clevertouch
If you upgrade your DisplayNote licence you can make use of the DisplayNote Mirror feature. This allows iOS users to come out of the DisplayNote app to the iOS home screen and access the AirPlay feature to send their device screen live to the display. Use this to make use of the apps you have downloaded from the App Store alongside the DisplayNote annotation tools on the Clevertouch. Everyone that is connected to your session can see your iOS screen streamed live to their own device. Want to see a student’s device screen? Simply switch off your own AirPlay and one of your students can connect with an iOS device.

3. Lose the Laptop – Start a Session from a Clevertouch Plus
DisplayNote now allows you to start a session directly from a device, without the need for a desktop. If you have a Clevertouch Plus you can start a session from the Android operating system that runs on this. Using this Android system you can access any PDF and PPTX files in your Cleverfinder, or simply use the DisplayNote app tools to connect and collaborate.

What you need to know…
• Your Clevertouch screen comes with a free DisplayNote licence- this has 1 activation and 10 connections, meaning a session can have up to 10 devices connected at a time.
• Need AirPlay? Simply ask your Clevertouch vendor to upgrade your license. Upgrades work on connections and the minimum licence upgrade is 10 connections. This will get you AirPlay support, 1 extra license activation (share it with a colleague) and 10 extra connections, meaning you can connect with up to 20 people in a session.

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