BETT 2015 is over! We had a great show with some fantastic feedback about the Clevertouch range. Our stand this year featured the full Clevertouch Plus range from 55-84″ and the worlds first showing of our brand new app store – Cleverstore. Featuring some of the top education apps, the Cleverstore has been designed to run exclusively on the Clevertouch Plus.

Check out the video here!

Clevertouch Sessions

We ran sessions every hour, giving away a Cleverpad 8″ Android tablet in every session.  The sessions gave an insight into the Clever Classroom of the Future – showing participants new features of the Clevertouch Plus, as well as an overview of our educational software package:- Lynx 5, DisplayNote, and the new Snowflake MultiTeach.  We also launched the Cleverstore – with fantastic apps including those from BETT Award Winners Daydream Education.

WEB-BETT-2015-226 WEB-BETT-2015-249

Snowflake MultiTeach

We showed off the brand new Snowflake MultiTeach from NUITEQ, which includes a great range of activities for younger children, such as Match It, Ring Drop, and Clock.  Teachers can create their own activities, inputting content from a range of sources – videos, images, text, or sounds can all be used to produce fun and relevant lessons.

WEB-BETT-2015-024 WEB-BETT-2015-203


Our partners DisplayNote had the stand next door, and ran their own sessions throughout BETT.  You can catch their blog here.

WEB-BETT-2015-271 WEB-BETT-2015-259

Lynx 5

Lynx 5 annotation software has some great new features which we demonstrated on the stand, including the Handwriting Pen and Rainbow Pen.

WEB-BETT-2015-130 WEB-BETT-2015-157


Our BETT visitors LOVE the idea of turning the Clevertouch into a giant tablet at the front of the classroom.  With lots of free educational apps available, there was a real buzz around #AppyTeaching.

To learn more about the apps take a look at the Cleverstore webpage

And here are some of our favourite pics from the show:

WEB-BETT-2015-080 WEB-BETT-2015-151 WEB-BETT-2015-205 WEB-BETT-2015-091 WEB-BETT-2015-169 WEB-BETT-2015-217 WEB-BETT-2015-233 WEB-BETT-2015-236 WEB-BETT-2015-052 WEB-BETT-2015-126 WEB-BETT-2015-061 WEB-BETT-2015-129 WEB-BETT-2015-195 WEB-BETT-2015-164 WEB-BETT-2015-148 WEB-BETT-2015-011 WEB-BETT-2015-017 WEB-BETT-2015-030