The LUX interface has been designed to give you a quicker, simpler, smoother experience. No one wants to press ten buttons to open an app or connect to their laptop. With LUX, all of your everyday tasks are just one-touch away.

We’ve made it so all the features you use on a day to day basis are all accessible from the home screen using just one-touch, letting teachers, students, business leaders and people of any background present and interact with their information more readily than ever before.

Interacting with an imposing touchscreen is now as familiar as the device in your pocket

We’ve taken our design cues from what is around us all: smartphone and tablet technology.  We believe in making our interface as simple to use as possible. If making a new folder is something most people can do in seconds on their phones, don’t make them reach for a guide to do the exact same thing on an 86″ screen!

Even switching between inputs, such as the slot-in PC or a connected Mac, it’s just a swipe up and one-touch and your second input loads. There is no unplugging, no configuring, no technical settings to adjust. Just swipe, touch and load.

A better experience with every touch

LUX values your time, and makes sure every interaction is a great experience.  We believe, with LUX, we’ve built the first glimpse of the future of touch interfaces for large-format displays.