• How did the fist world war start and why?
  • What was it like being a soldier in the trenches?
  • What did it mean to go over the top?

Learn about the origin of the conflict, life in the trenches, the major battles, the weapons, the War in the Air and at Sea, and find out why Animals were to play an important part in World War One.

A comprehensive, educational and interactive experience to learn about the Great War.

Each historical section begins with an audio narrative summarizing the events and includes animations, interactive clues, facts, maps, charts and audio ressources.

An interactive timeline allows the child to travel back and forward in time. Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from the start of the war to the armistice

Specially designed for children of 9 years and up, this application aims to:

  • Develop a child’s knowledge and understanding of history
  • Provide key facts and events to consolidate classroom learning