Take a journey through the story of mankind and learn history like never before!

A fun and educational app that addresses key areas of the school history curriculum, from the beginning of life on Earth through to the 20th century.

Each historical section begins with an audio narrative summarizing the events and includes animations, interactive clues, facts, maps, charts and audio recordings, An interactive timeline allows the child to travel back and forward in time. Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from the ancient world through the 20th century.


Specially designed for children of 6 years and up, this application aims to:

  • Develop a child’s knowledge and understanding of history
  • Provide key facts and events to consolidate classroom learning


  • In the beginning
  • Earth and the solar system
  • Early Humans
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Ancient Romans
  • Medieval Europe
  • Great Adventurers of the renaissance
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The French revolution
  • The Industrial revolution
  • World war 0ne
  • World war Two
  • Man on the Moon

A fun and exciting app that will develop children’s curiosity about history and the epic tale of humankind.