• Set the clock with an interactive clock face. Set the clock to the correct time and watch as your very own Smurf celebrates every time you get the right answer!
  • Read an adorable story with tappable surprises about the day in the life of a smurf! Set the clock correctly for a new Smurf activity! Feed a table of hungry Smurfs, beat a greedy squirrel to a hidden treat, or play instruments in a rockin’ Smurf band!
  • Catch the clock with Smurfette as she flies on the back of a giant stork! Can you get her to the party in Smurf Village on time by choosing all of the correct flying clocks? Guide Smurfette through the air, passing through the correct clocks in “Hard” mode or tap the correct clocks in “Easy” mode!


  • Tutorial for young learners.
  • Identify the parts of the clock.
  • Learn conversion between analog and digital clocks.
  • Differentiate the long hand from the short hand.
  • Read, count and order numbers to 59.
  • Tell time to the hour and to the minute.
  • Manipulate an analog clock in relation to a digital clock.
  • Learn the concept of time as a schedule and its relationship to daily activities.