Learn important 6th Grade lessons with 12 interactive games. The games teach advanced subjects such as geometry, algebra, probability, statistics, number sense, reading comprehension, synonyms, vocabulary, and more.

All 12 games are designed using real Sixth Grade curriculums and are modeled after Common Core State Standards. These lessons are perfect for kids about to enter 6th grade, or for the current 6th graders who need a bit of help mastering a specific lesson.


  • Number Sense – Absolute Value, Roman Numerals, Number Lines, and More
  • Probability and Stats – Median, Mode, Range, and Probability
  • Geometry – Congruency, symmetry, and angle types
  • Consumer Math – Learn about sales, tax, tips, and other ways to calculate money
  • Algebra – Use the distributive property, evaluate expressions, and solve for x
  • Rounding – Round numbers to the nearest whole number, tenth, and hundredth
  • Word Memory – Use clues to match words
  • Spelling – Hundreds of spelling words of varying difficulty
  • Vocabulary – Learn the definitions of challenging words
  • Reading Comprehension – Reading articles and then answer questions
  • Synonyms and Antonyms – Identify different words that mean the same or opposite
  • Subject-Verb Agreement – Pop balloons with verbs that match the subject