9 brand-new educational games for preschool and kindergarten aged kids! Featuring helpful voice narration, colourful animations, and fun sound effects these games will help your kids in 9 different subjects including counting, sorting, letters, phonics, adding and subtracting, spelling, and more.

Your child will stay entertained while learning and with the helpful voice narration they can play by themselves or with your help. These games are perfect for kids ages 2-7!

This is the school edition of Preschool and Kindergarten 2 and comes with all games unlocked. No in-app purchase required.

Games and Lessons:

  • Shapes – Make colourful pictures by using shapes and learning their names
  • Sorting – Sort the butterflies into all kinds of arrangements
  • Patterns – Complete patterns and identify core patterns
  • Alphabet – Arrange the alphabet by placing letters onto the train
  • Phonics – Learn phonics using helpful voices and pictures
  • Spelling – Spell hundreds of words
  • Counting – Tap on fish in the ocean to count them
  • Add & Subtract – Use marbles to help with adding and subtracting numbers
  • Skip Counting – Counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, etc


  • PandK2 SS1