Fun and learning for preschool! Help the owl and her animal friends through 11 fun and exciting games while learning the basics of numbers, letters, colors, shapes, spatial reasoning, and more. A variety of animal friends, funny sound effects, exciting music, and helpful voice narration will keep your little kids entertained and wanting to play more. And make sure your preschool child fills up their sticker board as they play through the games! Children, toddlers, and preschool kids ages 3-6 will love these lessons and games!


  • Alphabet Bubbles
  • Counting Bubbles
  • Letter Raindrops
  • Number Raindrops
  • Shape Sorting
  • Shape Racing
  • Color Sorting
  • Color Toy Box
  • Fruit Catch
  • Shadow Matching
  • jigsaw Puzzles All lessons are designed for preschool and to give little kids an opportunity to learn and have fun!