This app is ideal for EYFS, but can be used by older children as well. The main learning outcomes are counting to 20, shapes, and letter and number recognition.


  • Read To Me Mode: Mix up story time by having Fraggle Rock Game Day read by a fun animated voice.
  • Read And Play Mode: Have children come up one at a time and choose a starry object. What will it do? Act out what you think and then click the screen to see if you are right!
  • Just A Book Mode: When you are reading to your class it’s much easier for all children to be able to see when the story is displayed on the big screen.
  • Alpha Suds Game: Children need to choose the missing letter from some common words. The word is written at the top of the screen though, so this is more about letter recognition than spelling.


  • Doozer’s Crossing Game: Move shapes to the correct place and practice what they are called.
  • Whack-A-Raddish Game: Counting 1 to 20.


  • Paint Mode: Design pictures by selecting brushes, colours and stickers.


FRGL_GameDay-01 FRGL_GameDay-02 FRGL_GameDay-03