7th Grade Math Learning Games is a year’s worth of math lessons, worksheets, and problems for seventh graders. Covering 19 common core subjects with a near endless amount of questions.

Track your student’s progress with detailed reports and multiple profiles. And students will want to keep playing as they earn tokens to spend in the arcade.

Common Core Aligned – All subjects and questions are aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Thousands of Questions – The problems are randomly generated, so every round will be different

Track Students Progress – Create multiple profiles for each student and track their progress with detailed reports

Fun Way To Learn – An arcade with 5 fun games makes students want to keep playing and earning more tokens

Ratios and Proportions
Compute Ratios; Proportional Relationships; Multi-Step Ratio and Percent Problems

The Number System
Add and Subtract Rational Numbers; Multiply and Divide Rational Numbers; Real-World Problems with Rational Numbers

Expressions and Equations
Properties of Operations / Linear Expressions; Rewriting Expressions, Multi-Step Problems with Rational Numbers; Simple Equations and Inequalities

Scale Drawings; 2-D Figures From 3-D Figures; Circles; Angles; Area, Volume, and Surface Area

Statistics and Probability
Sampling and Populations; Measures of Center and Variability; Probability; Probabilities of Compound Events