Why has Clevershare changed?

Like with many products there is evolution, Clevershare is no different and should be expected to evolve. Clevershare is an important product for our Clevertouch system solution and we needed to ensure it keeps up pace with latest technology and our customer expectations. To accomplish this Clevershare 2 (CS2) needed to be re-written for a number of reasons: –

  • Improve the platform, the product needs to be as agile as possible and to continuously to perform at a high level for display, audio and of course touch.
  • Add new features that we have been requested by our customers, partners and colleagues, some of which are described below here: –
    – Combine software and hardware (dongle) platforms, making it simpler and more consistent for customers to use.
    – Clevershare 2 updates itself! When iOS is updated we can now deliver a fix for this more efficiently, ensuring interruption to customer productivity is reduced. What about the hardware/dongle when Windows is updated? No problem, when the dongle is paired it is updated with the latest fixes.
    – Moderator function. Class or room supervisors now have the ability to control who can display content at any one time. Enabled by turning on the master switch in the CS2 app Settings area.
    – Mirror multiple devices at the same time and touch them! Up to 4 CS2 software or dongle clients can connect at the same time, which is displayed on our great display in a quadrant format.
  •  Reduced need for an administrator login to install Clevershare, this has been improved by the following: –
    – Now that the CS2 hardware (product code:1541052) is no longer a wireless transmitter, we do not need to install a hardware driver.
    – We have also ensured that all Clevershare installers now have a signed certificate, helping to increase trust within the Windows operating system when Clevershare is installed. Please note that Smart Screen and User Account Control (UAC) can still appear depending on the computers security policy and may require administration log-in to complete the download.  
  • We also had concerns about existing patents and ensuring they are not infringed.

What is Clevershare and how it works today?
A software and hardware product which primary function is to mirror a device own display to the larger Clevertouch display via wireless and also wired networks through data transmissions.

  • Both hardware and software have MSI installer (for Windows OS) to help those IT Admins that want to deploy Clevershare across their company’s computer assets.
  • Clevershare compatible operating systems are: – Windows, macOS, Android & iOS (Chrome is currently in development)

Hardware product:

  • The intention of this product is for it to be to be given to “guests” wishing to mirror their laptop e.g. for presentations, wirelessly and off the local (private) network.
  • Product code for NEW! (2G) 2nd Generation Clevershare is 1541052 – Compatible with Plus or Pro Series by Clevertouch that have either a 1541054 or 1541064/Android Module Mini 2 fitted.
  • The hardware dongle looks like this: –
  • Pair it with the Clevertouch* first, then plug dongle into Windows or Mac laptop and press the button to connect your laptop to the Clevershare wireless hotspot and then share your display (up to 1920 x 1080) and audio whilst interacting with the laptop all from the great Clevertouch IFP display.
  • You can still access the Internet if the Clevertouch is connected to the local network (LAN) via wire or wireless, it bridges the Clevershare wireless hotspot and the active LAN together to accomplish this.
  • When the Clevershare button is pressed again the Clevershare screen mirror is stopped and the connection to the Clevershare wireless hotspot will be disconnected.

Software (app) product:

  • The intention of this product is for those that want use Clevershare often e.g. staff they can do so by using their own (and often managed) IT Infrastructure without the need of using the dongle, can do so by simply installing the sender client app that pertains to the device they are using (URL to access all client downloads are listed below).
  • The Clevershare software receiver is bundled with the Clevertouch Android Module, the sender is a freely downloadable client application that can be downloaded via the following URL’s and installed onto the client device: –
    2G Clevershare client application download URL: – https://archive.clevertouch.com/clevershare2g
  • Connect computer to the network**, open the Clevershare 2 client or application, enter the PIN code that is displayed on the Clevertouch and connect

Jon Timson, our Technical Support Manager, comments:

Myself and the team are working hard to continuously improve the Clevertouch product line up, which is a very exciting part of our jobs. Our mission is to make Clevertouch and Clevershare the best user experience it can be and to be a perfect match to meet your touchscreen needs. Your feedback is very important to us and we will always welcome it from our partners, resellers, customers and colleagues.
We are committed to the continuing development of our products, and with your continuing support and feedback we know will be very successful.

*Clevershare pairing requires inserting USB receiver into Android Module USB port and the dongle into any of the USB ports on the bezel of the Clevertouch whilst switched to the LUX channel.

**Customers computers must be connected to the same network subnet that the Clevertouch is connected to be able to successfully connect.