Q&A with Brian Storey, Headteacher at Church End Lower School, Bedfordshire

Church End Lower School in Bedfordshire is a split site primary in the historic village of Marston Mortaine in Bedfordshire. Headteacher Brian Storey strives to offer every pupil the opportunity to reach their full potential by ensuring the school environment is modern, comfortable and enjoyable for the staff and children in their care.

What were your technology objectives for Church End Lower School?

We wanted to replace our old SmartBoards with the very latest AV classroom technology solution. We were looking for large front-of-class touchscreens that could be seen clearly by the class, were low maintenance for our in-house AV technician, height adjustable, offered a true multitouch experience and would be robust enough in a classroom environment.

Why did you choose Clevertouch interactive touchscreens?

DWM Technical Solutions Ltd worked closely with us to deliver a range of ICT services including consultation, design and installation of wireless & switching, VOIP and UPS solutions. We asked them to recommend a large format interactive touchscreen that met all our requirements and Clevertouch was the easy choice. It has a large easily viewable display, with great sounding integrated speakers, driver-less compatibility and it came with different mounting options giving a mix of static and height-adjustable positions.

Were there any other reasons that you went with Clevertouch?

Yes.  Clevertouch had award winning interactive software as standard, which was designed specifically for teachers in the classroom. DWM provided us with a fully qualified and certified Clevertouch trainer who was able to help staff integrate the new screens into their lesson plans.  The Clevertouch trainers also helped to ensure a smooth transition as we switched from using SmartBoards to Clevertouch interactive touchscreen technology. The technical and user support helped our staff to fully optimise the interactive technology and this meant we could really excite and engage the children and improve their learning outcomes.

What were the main benefits of using Clevertouch when it came to the installation process?

Using the Clevertouch screens made a big difference to quickly and easily the installation progressed.