Charmex, a B2B provider in the audiovisual sector, has supplied audiovisual equipment for the new training rooms at the BMW Ibérica headquarters in Madrid. The installation included 84″ Clevertouch panels and was arranged by IC-10, a company specialising in the reform and adaptation of interior spaces, mainly commercial and corporate. IC-10 chose Charmex to provide the 12 rooms with the best audiovisual technology on the market.

These BMW facilities include training spaces of all kinds, including product, technique, brand, business, marketing, systems and skills. For BMW, the role of audiovisual tools is key to optimising the teaching processes of its staff and enhancing the interactivity in their different classrooms.


Francisco Oliva, Consultant of Charmex Projects, says:

It is a company with a high level of demand that had very clear ideas and sought the best audiovisual technology on the market, but adapted to the specific needs of each of its classrooms.

The BMW technical staff then went to the Charmex showroom in Madrid and were captivated by the interactive Clevertouch Plus panels. The BMW Training department added;

We were shuffling several brands but Clevertouch were the ones that convinced us most about ease of installation. Our IT department is quite strict with third-party software, and these monitors allow for operation without installation of any driver or program. What most caught our attention in this product was its versatility, functionality and image quality, but above all the amount of tactile points that can be detected at the same time: 10, it’s incredible!

In what constitutes one of the largest acquisitions of this product in Spain, BMW chose 10 84″ Clevertouch Plus 4K for their training rooms.

The Clevertouch monitors were installed on BMW with Traulux motorized fixed floor brackets, which allow users to adjust the height to users, whether high or low, with a height variation of 500mm, which allows full access to touch functions. They feature a solid design, perfect for large displays or touch monitors.

In addition to the Clevertouch monitors, which were installed in 10 of the rooms, BMW acquired two Christie Captiva DHD400S projectors for two other rooms, and three Samsung UE55D monitors in the training area of ​​BMW workshops.