Here at Clevertouch we are passionate about supporting teachers and the great work that they do, and that’s why we are going to be working closely with the Pearson Teaching Awards this year.  Many of you will have seen The Teaching Awards shown on BBC2, and you may have noticed that 2014’s winner of The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year, Suzy Pett of Surbington High School, was using a Clevertouch during her VT.

We are sponsoring The Award for Outstanding use of Technology in Education in 2015.  It is so important for teachers to embrace technology – it improves collaboration, not just between pupils in the classroom, but with pupils from other schools, it gives students access to a world of information on every possible subject, and it encourages children to learn at their own pace and level.

The Teaching Awards offers everyone the opportunity to say “thank you”, to the teacher who has helped them most.  Anyone can take part – children, students, parents, grandparents and colleagues can all go online and say thank you, and the Teaching Awards will then send a thank you card to each and every person or team of people who is thanked. Every “thank you”, then becomes a nomination for a Teaching Award.

You can Thank A Teacher here – you’ve only got until the 16th March 2015 to submit your thank you.