As you are probably aware, free educational apps often contain in-app advertising or will invite you to upgrade and pay for premium versions while you’re using the app. The only way to avoid it is to purchase premium apps from your preferred app store and make allowances for this in your school budget.

Teaching resources are increasingly becoming monetised too – you can of course research and download free resources online or they can be purchased through several channels like Twinkl Resources & TES. However, this can be time consuming and relies on a good internet connection. Most front-of-class touchscreen brands will give you access to resources and lesson software, which makes the job of building new lessons less taxing and time consuming.


For example, Clevertouch Plus screens come with access to the Cleverstore, a free to use app store containing a range of premium apps, which have been stripped of distracting ads. Clevertouch devices also come with a range of pre-prepared, curriculum specific lesson content and teacher optimised software. Lynx 5 presentation software has a lesson dashboard, which makes it easier for teachers to find recent lessons, open multiple lessons simultaneously and switch between lessons. Teachers can use the media manager to embed videos directly into lessons, without the content opening in an external browser. And, video files from YouTube or live webcam can be annotated over and incorporated into lessons.

Great for primary schools, Snowflake MultiTeach® software lets busy teachers create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content using the Lesson app. There’s also an online community, where teachers can search for and share resources they’ve built. All game and activity applications in Snowflake MultiTeach® have been designed to develop students’ knowledge of subjects including spelling, grammar, maths, geography and biology.