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I enjoy nothing more than a good joke – who doesn’t?

A great comedy sketch usually makes us laugh when it’s about something we can relate to.  This is certainly how I feel about the hilarious Samsung ads that came out in 2013, which playfully dig at Apple’s iPhone and other competitors whilst showcasing the power of the new Galaxy smartphone.

What I like about these ads is that they describe how I feel about Clevertouch. For example, when we bring out an all singing and dancing Clevertouch like the new Pro for businesses or the Plus for education, our competitors make a poor quality copy of our system and its solutions.  As one of the driving forces behind the development of Clevertouch, which was the first interactive touchscreen to be introduced and created specifically for the education market back in 2009, I’ve seen happen all too many times.

So how do I illustrate the differences between Clevertouch and the next technology without demonstrating the product, which in fairness always blows the competition out of the water?

Do I just say that Clevertouch has no competition or talk about the perils of buying your wife a fake designer bag on the street and it falling apart in 3-months – street vendors don’t generally do repairs or returns, address faults, update products or change the manufacturing process in order to improve them?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not decrying mass production but it doesn’t give you the time for attention to detail and it’s not designed to.

Perhaps that was a poor analogy given that I’m talking about a technology, which has broken new ground and stayed ahead of the competition.  So instead I’m going to compare the Ipad and the Tesco Hudl tablet – on the face of it they do the same thing, right?


I’m not here to knock Hudl, which for a budget Android tablet is a great piece of kit, but it’s not without its issues.  Although the HD screen is ‘not bad’ for a low-priced tablet the battery life is poor, storage isn’t brilliant and the launcher is clunky and slow.  By contrast, the iPad and iPad mini were first to market and outperform Hudl in every way except price.  This is most notable when it comes to customer service, improvement upgrades and above all the simplicity of the user interface, which is so smooth and effortless it almost appears more basic than it is.  And therein lies its beauty.

Which brings me back to Clevertouch and the end of this blog.  The reasons that Clevertouch is still the market leading large interactive touchscreen is that we are constantly innovating, evolving and refining its system, software and service so that our end users have a fluid and unparalleled experience, which is the reason our competition can’t ever catch us.

Simply put – it’s what we do best.