We were introduced to Clevertouch in 2014 and have a number of Clevertouch boards, ranging in size and use. We find they are of particular use to our Education and Sports and Rehab teams. Initially we used them because of the build quality of the screens, we couldn’t use a projector in the gyms as the solution needed the potential to withstand being hit. We also have a lot of awkward or bright spaces where traditional short throw projectors won’t offer the image size or brightness needed.

Since 2014 we have moved on somewhat, we have a couple in the library for group study where we have made greater use of the associated education software. We also have two in our Education block. We particularly like the non reflective glass, the feel of the pens when writing, the easy erase tool in the Clevermaths software, the formula recognition tool, the compass and the replay

It’s slow going getting the Education team to use the software as they are very attached to the old software and hardware, but I think that the great functionality and ease of use will win them over eventually. As every school takes a different approach to classroom technology we look to support different interactive whiteboards to give our graduates the ability to adapt. It’s important that our graduates gain experience the different types of technology they may discover in the Primary, but also increasingly now Secondary education institutions.

I visited the SCHOMS higher education exhibition at The University of Bath to see the latest developments. The following is taken from my blog The Postmodern Technology Slacker.

My first stop at the exhibition was to visit Ashley and Dan at Clevertouch to discuss the new boards and how we can make these work for us at our H.Ed institution. The rapid change of pace in the AV sector is often hard to keep on top of which is why these connections are so important.

The New Clevertouch Plus range are no longer featuring the Blade PC’s that we have become familiar with. The Clevertouch Plus now has an updated LUX android model that has replaced the Blade PC slot. The implication for us is that we can’t have an identical solution in room three in the Rehab centre, where we have two existing Clevertouch models. After some discussion with Dan, we established that whilst we could put our spare Blade PC’s into the same slot the android functionality would be compromised. I’m not too keen to do this as Ashley recently showed a couple of members within the rehab team at new Library Tech demo day, an app on the Cleverstore that features a 3D interactive skeleton which could be of use to them. So we decided that for now, the best option is to use a wall mounted NUC module that would be built to offer an equivalent environment to rooms 1 and 2 in Rehab. I will need to investigate the new boards and the LUX element further, so am hoping to visit the Clevertouch show rooms shortly. Dan also advised that potentially there will be more customisable OPS slots in the future so that might be an option to explore when providing and all in one turnkey solution that doesn’t depend on an external PC. Much like the vivid touch these OPS slots may make life easier from and I.T build perspective.