It’s the Queen’s Birthday this week, and to celebrate we are adding some new History Apps to the Cleverstore!

EnglishFriend_1And if you are feeling particularly patriotic, try out English Friends in London, where children can explore some of London’s sights.

In conjunction with Abecedaire, our latest app partner, we are now offering seven new History apps, in addition to the apps that are already available in our History category (GCSE History by Revision Buddies and Dino Dog by StoryToys).

Fitting with our British theme, delve into World One One and discover the origin of the conflict, life in the trenches, the major battles, the weapons, the War in the Air and at Sea, and find out why animals were to play an important part in World War One. Developed for ages 9 and above, this app captures student’s imagination and provides key facts and events to consolidate classroom learning.

Explore democracy, gladiators, and seafaring pirates with the Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Viking History apps.

History Doodle is the perfect mix of History and Art, allowing children to express themselves with some free hand drawings on various historical landscapes.

For an overview of History from The Beginning, through the Ancients, Revolutions and The Great Wars, take a look at the World History Timeline, and when you’re class has learnt all they can, enjoy the fun interactive History Quiz which covers topics all the way from Early Humans to Modern Times.

Useful Links

Presentation at the 2015 Inspiring History Conference at the British Museum by Mike Maddison

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