One of the things that makes Clevertouch unique is our close relationship with our software partners. We listen to what users of Clevertouch want, and then work with our partners to achieve it. We want to know what you think will make Clevertouch even better, and the best place to do that is at the Sahara Showcase – an event where we are Gold Sponsors.

The Showcase, this year being held at Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire on Friday 7th October, is your chance to become a part of the future of Clevertouch development by giving your feedback on what you want from an interactive touchscreen. We’ve also been working for over a year on ground breaking developments with our software, and The Showcase gives you an exclusive opportunity to meet with the programmers and developers of Lynx 5, DisplayNote, Montage and Snowflake software, and learn how the future of software is moving away from the PC, and towards Android and The Cloud.

The Showcase is no ordinary event – in the dedicated Clevertouch zone you can meet app developers who work on the Cleverstore, the developers of our software, and the designers of Clevertouch itself. With workshops on education, corporate, and software there is something for all, and what’s more, the main exhibition hall gives you access to vendors for all your AV requirements.

Register here to attend on the 7th October 2016, Hanbury Manor, Hertfidshire, UK.