The Pro Series from Clevertouch is the only collaborative system that works with any device or legacy system and can offer true capacitive touch and is network-secure, writes Lindsey¬†Reynolds in AV Magazine’s AV In Enterprise Volume 6.

The adoption of interactive collaboration is firmly underway in the corporate sector, according to Chris Southern, business development manager for corporate solutions at  Clevertouch.

“The refurbishment of offices or a move to a new building is often the catalyst for corporates looking to understand what’s possible and see the latest technology at our Clevertouch Innovation Centre in the heart of the City of London or Leeds,” says Southern.

Typically corporates aren’t looking for specific products. They want a solution that gives a consistent experience across their businesses – one that will integrate and run their existing collaboration and software solutions and give them flexibility and efficient use of real estate space.

Pro Series provides the focal point for meetings, whether they take the form of a traditional formal meeting, or informal brainstorming session. The multi-function device replaces a panoply of kit – display, audio, whiteboard, or even a paper flipchart – enabling users to share their ideas and data from whatever device they’ve brought into the meeting with them.

“If someone has an iPad, they won’t be excluded from sharing content. If a company has invested millions in videoconferencing systems, there is no need to ditch them”


Increasingly those meetings are not restricted to a traditional meeting room. We all know businesses with 20 parking spaces and 20 meeting rooms but a thousand staff, says Southern. It just doesn’t work. We’re seeing 40 per cent of interactive screens sold with a mobile stand because organisations need flexible solutions they can use when and where they’re needed.

The advantage with using Clevertouch is the flexibility it gives an organisation. It is an agnostic device: it doesn’t lock corporate users into an operating system, software applications or a video conferencing platform and it enables them to integrate it with their legacy systems.

Customers coming to Clevertouch have looked at single-platform devices like Microsoft Surface Hub but want greater flexibility. Microsoft is doing a fantastic job of raising awareness of the advantages of large-screen based interactive collaboration, says Southern, but many organisations refuse to be tied to a single platform.

With Clevertouch, if someone comes into a meeting with an iPad, for instance, they won’t be excluded from sharing content. If a company has invested millions in videoconferencing systems, there is no need to ditch them.

There’s no need to factor costly monthly fees (per unit) into the cost of ownership or make do with inappropriately sized screens for their space. Clevertouch’s agnostic approach gives flexibility and connectivity with a wide range of sizes and significantly lower cost – up to 30 per cent lower, Southern suggests.

While corporates are not as price-focused as education, he explains, price is a factor for corporates wanting consistent interactive collaboration enterprise-wide.

Buyers will also have the option of a capacitive version of Pro Series from Clevertouch with the introduction of a 65″ model in October.

“There is only one other true capacitive option to date,” says Southern. “Other capacitive displays available at present are air-gap capacitive with a gap of 4-5mm between panel and touch surface. Clevertouch’s Capacitive Touch will be true bonded capacitive with the touch layer bonded to the panel.”

Capacitive will give users the same highly responsive touch experience as the one they get from the iPhone in their pocket, the first device to include capacitive touch screen including pressure sensitive touch. this is what corporates want, says Southern. They want highly intuitive products that staff find familiar and that they can use without the need to receive dedicated training.

Capacitive technology also takes depth and weight out of the displays, making them easier to mount and move – this is ideal for mobile models and touch tables, which are proving popular with the likes or architects and the construction sector. They can spend thousands a year on printing and marking up drawings with a pen, says Southern. With Clevertouch they can work at a larger scale, see much more detail and mark them up and share them digitally, saving time, print and scanning costs, and bringing environmental benefits.

Security is another major concern for corporates, which Clevertouch’s Pro Series answers, says Southern. Clevertouch has an Android platform that effectively functions as a layer separate from the corporate network. This is a massive benefit from a security point of view. It’s like putting a giant tablet into the meeting room that anyone can use independently of the network, with some guest Wi-Fi the only IT needed.

IT departments are concerned about potential weak spots in their network and a device where users share data from any device, including their own personal devices or a USB stick, could be a concern. The Clevertouch cannot be seen on the network. It’s not connected to any of their other systems. But if a customer should want dual platform, it’s not a problem. They simply add the optional slot-in PC module.

That’s the beauty of Clevertouch’s approach, in Southern’s view: it is a proven interactive collaboration platform providing the security that IT wants, the consistent experience that users need, and the flexibility to integrate whatever third-party technology is required now and in future – all at a price that supports deployment in scale.