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Literacy and technology integration featuring MultiTeach

In today’s classrooms, teachers are required to integrate technology as they teach reading, writing, and communication skills. These are subjects have historically been taught using “old-school” strategies, without technology. Although there is a place for teacher-led, explicit instruction, both teachers and learners can benefit when traditional lessons are transformed using technologies such as interactive displays,…

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Positive behavior management and technology information

Early in my school psychology days, before the Internet, smartphones, iPads, and social media, I had the opportunity to work with groups of fourth-grade students referred to me for academic and social-behavioral support. Some of these students had problems following behavior expectations and completing tasks when they worked in groups, even when the group work…

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A Unique Teacher Planning Tool

This video provides an overview of ways teachers can use Snowflake MultiTeach® for collaborative instructional planning, a method proven by research to result in positive outcomes for students. Examples in this video feature content created for the NUITEQ Physics demo, using the Nodes, Media, Browser, and Lessons/Lessons Online apps. INSTRUCTIONAL PLANNING RESOURCES The Power of…

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