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Two major Clevertouch developments

Two major Clevertouch developments designed to make your clients’ lives easier People often ask us ‘How does Clevertouch retain its position as market leader?’  The simple answer is ‘We don’t rest on our laurels!’ Jon Timson, Development Team The Clevertouch development team never stands still – they’ve always got something on the boil. Coupled with…

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Q&A with Chris Birks from Proactive AV

Q&A with Chris Birks from Proactive AV An independent AV Consultant  “All-in-all we’ve enjoyed a 13-year partnership with the Clevertouch team, and that’s because the quality of the technology and service we receive is amazing” Chris Birks, MD at Proactive AV What does Proactive AV do? We are responsible for installing 1000s of AV solutions…

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Safety centre uses Clevertouch interactive screens to teach children how to cross the road safely

Hazard Alley is an interactive safety education experience for children aged 6 to 12 years. Opened 25 years ago, the centre was the first purpose built venue of its kind in the country. A collaboration between the fire and police services, the centre consists of 12 everyday scenarios that children are accompanied through on a…

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