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How This School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent

Jennifer Gonzalez of online teaching magazine, Cult Of Pedagogy posted this fantastic article on how a school used Clevertouch, among other tech, to increase visitors to their library, which they now use as a Learning Centre. Take a look at the video produced by the students. “It’s much different from the regular classroom, and it’s…

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Peter Canavan launches NIAVAC ‘Best Young Sports Analyst Award’ competition

Clevertouch was recently featured in The Irish News with football legend Peter Canavan, who is working with NIAVAC to help promote the use of technology in sport. Canavan hopes to inspire the next generation of sports analysts following the announcement of NIAVAC’s innovative competition for primary and secondary school children, entitled Best Young Sports Analyst Award, with the winners’ school receiving a70-inch state-of-the-art Clevertouch interactive,…

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Scoil Aonghusa, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Q&A with Ivan Smyth,  Managing Director, Toomey Audio Visual, Dublin Tell us about the school? Scoil Aonghusa based in Tallaght caters for 189 boys and girls and is situated with a staff of 17 teachers near to Tymon park in Dublin. When the school first opened doors in 1975, Tallaght as then at its peak of rapid development and growth. In…

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App Partner Q&A: GCSE Revision Buddies

Bringing technology to the classroom and students’ revision is proving to be revolutionary. In this Q&A interview with Julia Webb, founder of GCSE Revision Buddies, we hear about her goal to make revision a less lonely occupation and create a more interactive and engaging learning environment so that students and teachers can work together to get better results in exams.

Church End Lower School

“With built-in speakers meant there were no issues with sound sources and commissioning was a breeze due to the driver-less nature of the screens. Our engineers and I were all impressed with the screens. We know that the staff at the school were too – they told us they were amazed at how much more they could do compared to their previous SmartBoards” Chris Kester, Project Manager, DMW Technical Solutions

Phoenix Academy

“Clevertouch worked with us as a partner, helping us to find solutions that weren’t off the shelf and achieved what we wanted. The vision was translated as a technical solution that works really well and the We Present software offers a seamless connection between tablet and screen.”

Junction Farm Primary School

“Since the installation I have seen many benefits to using Clevertouch. Our teachers have reported that the technology has helped them to create exciting lessons and that engagement levels from students has risen. I am delighted with the impact the technology is having at our school.”

Making Clevertouch

Sahara plc, the British manufacturer of Clevertouch interactive touchscreens, was the first company to design a screen specifically for education at a time when interactive whiteboards were the incumbent classroom technology.  This short film tells the story of how a British manufacturer developed the market leading interactive touchscreen in education.

Clevertouch Plus wins Technology & Innovation Award

We are thrilled that the Clevertouch Plus has come third in this year’s Technology & Innovation Resources Awards. It’s fantastic that we have been recognised as an innovative product to help enable collaborative learning. The magazine says: The Clevertouch Plus is unique in the interactive touchscreen market. It’s extremely easy to use, with an inbuilt…

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Vote in the AV Awards 2015

VOTE FOR US! Clevertouch is a well known name in the world of education technology, with the groundbreaking Clevertouch Plus quickly becoming one of the most talked about front-of-class systems on the market. Since its first launch in 2009, to the unveiling of the Clevertouch Plus with Android Operating System and Cleverstore at BETT 2015,…

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