Clevershare is a bi-directional mirroring software that wirelessly connects your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop or PC to your Clevertouch touch screen. It’s the only collaboration software on the market that enables bi-directional touch and screen sharing between such a wide range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android and Chrome.

Streaming and mirroring content within the home is commonplace, with people already using devices like Chromecast and Apple TV. It’s now expected that the workplace will replicate the home experience, where users can walk into any meeting space and use their own device to share content and ideas in real time.

  • Mirror your device straight to your Clevertouch screen
  • iPhone/iPad®, Mac, Android, Windows®, Chrome compatible
  • Control your Clevertouch panel remotely from the lead device
  • Clevershare app and software is free with each Plus Series and Pro Series screen