Combine both the Clevershare app and Clevershare dongles with Clevershare 2.0

Clevershare is a screen mirroring software that wirelessly connects your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop or PC to your Clevertouch touch screen. It’s the only collaboration software on the market that enables bi-directional touch and screen sharing between such a wide range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android and Chrome.

Key features

  • Mirror your device straight to your Clevertouch screen
  • iPhone/iPad®, Mac, Android, Windows®, Chrome compatible
  • Use a combination of Clevershare App or Clevershare USB dongles to share content of four devices
  • Split the Clevertouch screen four ways to show four devices simultaneously 
  • Control your Clevertouch panel remotely from the lead device
  • In master mode, when a connected device wants to interact with the screen you will have the option to accept or reject the connection
  • View a complete list of all connected devices, name the devices, and choose who you share content with
  • Up to 32 devices can connect
  • Improved stability and speed
  • Bidirectional touch when using PC or Mac
  • Clevershare app is free to download.
  • Clevershare dongles x2 included with every Pro Series.
  • Clevershare technology is included in every Pro Series and Plus Series.